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What we are looking for

You'll need to meet the following requirements to enter the awards:

  • Be an active fact-checker based in Africa
  • Be a fact-checker that holds anyone with a notable platform accountable. This could include politicians, religious leaders, and social influencers
  • Have at least one year’s work experience in fact-checking
  • The submissions must be published between 2018 and 2020. Submissions from applicants not currently working as an active fact-checker will still be considered if impactful fact-checking work had been done previously
  • Show impact of your submission

Award Categories

This award recognises narrative-shifting fact-checks spearhead by ordinary citizens/communities.

Citizen Fact-Check

This award recognises debunks that resulted in notable impact/action resulting in "big changes"

Impact Fact-Check

This award recognises debunks that prompted government correction/clarification.

Government / Clarification

This award recognises debunks that tackled Health-related misinfo/disinfo i.e COVID-19.

Health-related misinfo/disinfo

This award recognises not only other notable debunk categories not covered in our main award categories, but also ones that particularly found innovative methods to highlight unique or emerging forms of misinfo/disinfo i.e debunking info spread across darker parts of the web such as Whatsapp.

Wild-Card Award

Our Partners

Code for Africa

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The People's Fact-Checking Awards intends to highlight the work being done by ordinary citizens as well as journalists championing the fight against false information, either as a hobby or a profession. Credible fact-checks require a keen eye, so the tools and processes will be big considerations to determine the success of your submissions. Applicants that are able to innovate by using less conventional fact-check processes to reveal truth will have an advantage.

About Us

The People’s Fact-Checking Awards: Africa (PFCA) is a citizen-driven and focused on people working in fact-checking on the continent. The awards are funded through a seed grant from Meedan.

The awards are organised by PesaCheck, a pioneering verification initiative that is helping to kickstart fact-checking across East and West Africa. PesaCheck also helps watchdog media and NGOs establish their own standalone fact-check teams. The organization is an grantee, and receives additional support from the International Budget Partnership, Code for Africa and the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ).